small jute wall hanging on bamboo hanging rod in bedroom above bed head
detail of jute wall hanging with tassels on bamboo hanging rod
small jute wall hanging on bamboo hanging rod
The Dharma Door

Jute wall hanging - small

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Description: This jute wall hanging is a jaw-dropping handmade wall hanging crafted by hand and an absolute bestseller.

Size:  65 cm wide x 45 cm tall.

Weight: approximately 1,5 kgs.

Material: Hand woven jute macramé.

Designed by: The Dharma Door. An Australian company that has been commissioning the incredible skills of female artisans in remote, rural communities since 2004. Their goal is to genuinely empower as many people as possible out of the cycle of poverty and to bridge the gap between ethical production and contemporary style.

Hanging instructions: Hanging rod not included. We recommend 15-18 mm diameter timber dowel, cut to a 50 cm length. Most hardware stores will be able to cut this for you. Or you may prefer something better suited to your interior style such as a branch; piece of bamboo; copper or brass rod; or a piece of rope.
You will require two hooks for each end. This wall hanging weighs approximately 1,5 kgs. so be sure to use suitable wall plugs and hooks for this weight.

Care: When you receive your wall hanging it may require a brush with your fingers to smooth the jute fibers where they've been folded while being shipped to you. Jute changes color in the sun, so be sure to keep your wall hanging clear of harsh rays.To clean, we suggest you vacuum your wall hanging or take it outside on a dry day and shake it to remove dust particles.

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