Cushion Smartie Muskhane Rose Quartz
Cushion Smartie Muskhane Rose Quartz
Cushion Smartie Muskhane Rose Quartz

Cushion Smartie

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This little Smarties cushion in felt will bring color and whimsy to your interior. Children, natural little nomads that they are, will adore these portable cushions and will have fun lugging them all around the house. Perfect also to give a little cushion to a high chair or a stool!

Designed by: Muskhane

Size: Ø 29 cm

Material : Kapok and felted wool, also known as boiled wool. Since the 7th century BC, the shepherds of Central Asia have used it to create coats, hats, rugs, and tapestries, as well as water-resistant coverings for the roofs of their yurts. Its fabrication is entirely artisanal. Beginning with carded wool, soap, and water, a long process of pressure and friction brings about the interlacing of the wool’s fibres. The result is a supremely soft fabric, extremely weather-resistant and sound-insulating. Felted wool also boasts hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust mite-resistant properties, without emitting any harmful substances.

Made in: Nepal

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