Basket Hadithi - XXL
The Wanderful Hadithi Basket with plant
Hadithi Baskets Handwoven Sisal

Basket Hadithi - XXL

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These handwoven sisal baskets bring life and order to your home. Perfectly imperfect, this large handmade basket will look great in a hallway or simply next to a sideboard as a beautiful piece of artisan decor. Handwoven in Kenya by dedicated skilled artisans using locally sourced sisal, this basket will be a welcome addition to your home.


  • H 33 cm
  • Ø 43 cm 

Made in: Kenya

Designer: Hadithi Baskets works with Basket Weaver Groups in Kenya. Basket weaving is a tradition in their Taita culture. By weaving baskets the woman become less dependent on subsistence agriculture by earning an income from weaving sisal baskets. Agriculture is unreliable in this semi-arid area, where the absence of rain regularly destroys complete harvests. 

Material: Sisal which is grown either on farms belonging to the basket weavers, or else purchased from sisal estates in coast province. The leaves of the sisal plant are used to obtain a fibre which is rolled to twine, and then be woven to a basket.


Handmade with love and care. Due to the handmade nature of our creations, each item is truly unique and no two will ever be identical. Any imperfections should be celebrated as a testament to the hard work of talented artisans. We believe this adds to their beauty and charm.

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